How do I quickly add emoticons on Facebook?

I was watching a friend of mine type into Facebook and he was adding emoticons without using the emoticon menu. How was he doing it?

He was probably using the emoticon shortcut options that exist in Facebook. In fact, there are a collection of shortcuts that let you quickly add certain emoticons quicky and easily. Unfortunatly you can’t add any emoticon you’d like, but there are a fair few of the common ones that you can add in a jiffy. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Code Description
:poop: Poop
🙂 🙂 :] =) Smile
🙁 🙁 :[ =( Sad
😛 😛 :-p :p Tongue
😀 😀 =D Grin
-O :O 😮 😮 Gasp
>:-(  >:( Grumpy
😉  😉 Wink
:-/  :/  :-\  :\ Unsure
:’( Cry
:-*  :* Kiss
^_^ Kiki
-_- Squint
o.O O.o Confuse
>-:O >:O >-:o >:o Upset
:v Pacman
:3 Cat like
😎 8) B-) B) Glasses
8-| 8| B-) B| Sunglasses
:$ Embarrassed
O:-) O:) Angel
3:-) 3:) Devil
<3 Heart
:|] Robot
(^^^) Shark
<(“) Penguin
(y) Like

Yes, you’ll notice that :poop: is right at the top of the list. Funny how that’s one of the more popular ones …

Enjoy your shortcuts

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