How do I turn off notifications in Facebook to read highlighted comments?

I keep getting notifications on Facebook that people have highlighted a comment for me to look it. How do I stop getting these?

The @highlight tag used in Facebook posts has been increasing in popularity as competition and spam posts use this to try and increase their reach. Unfortunately, this is getting more and more annoying, and I keep getting questions about how to turn this off.

First of all, how does this tag work? If you comment by writing ‘highlights’ in the comment section of your Facebook post, it will go as a notification to everyone in the friend list. This will make it much easier to bring everyone’s attention to your post. And many are trying to use this opportunity. Some people are annoyed by too many notifications particularly when you are drawn to look at something you’re not interested in.

Do you also get unwanted ‘Highlights’ notifications? If you don’t want to see the ‘Highlights’ notification, Facebook won’t show it to you. Here’s how you turn them off:

Go to Facebook’s Settings and Privacy option. From there go to Settings>Notifications>Tags and turn off Batch mentions.

Done! In just these few clicks you’ve turned them off. Spread the word 🙂

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