How do I change the way posts are displayed on IP.Board?

I’m a user on a message board that’s using IP.Board and when I read a thread I get presented with messages in a treeview format? How do I change this back?

Well, this wasn’t a question asked to me, but rather one that I had to ask! I’m a regular member on a message board called ManxForums, which has a variety of topics related to the Isle of Man, living here and which has established a really vibrant online community. It’s a pretty general board discussing everything from the weather to neighbours, from which bathroom lighting to buy to government policies on recycling.

Yesterday all of a sudden, my threads started displaying as a single post with a treeview of responses. Much like this screenshot:


I looked throught the configuration setting in my control panel, but just couldn’t find any way to change it back, so I posted the question to the board and promptly got an answer from one of the administrators. Turns out that there’s a Setting button in the top right hand corner while you’re reading the thread. Clicking on it opens the following popup:


At the bottm of the popup you have a choice of different Display Modes. For some reason, my settings had switched to Outline format. Switching them to Standard took them back to my usual display.

Just in case anyone has a similar problem!

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