How do I create a slideshow with my photos which I can show online?

I have a collection of photos of my son and would like to create a slideshow I can share with friends and family online. Any suggestions?

This was really a question I asked myself actually a couple of days ago. You see, Kevin down at FuelMyBlog was organising a competition in conjunction with TheCuteKid where people submit photos of their kids in the hope that theirs is the cutest. Well, I have a bunch of cute photos of Arthur so wasn’t quite sure which one to post. So I was looking to find some way I could create a slideshow quickly and easily.

I found what I was looking for at One of the features on the site allows you to create a slideshow presentation from any photos you have. Here’s how you do it.

The first step is to upload your photos. You can do this in number of ways, all shown in the screenshot below:


You can upload your photos directly off your computer. Alternatively you can also source them from Flickr, Photobucket and a selection of social networks. Once your photos are uploaded, you get to play with them and arrange them any way you like. Here are some options you get to play with:


While you’re playing with these options, the website shows you a demo of what your finished show will look like. It’s loads of fun playing with your photos and all the different options you get. You can specify different wipe styles, background music, effects, and even effects you can place on your photos. It’s seriously recommended if you want to play with your photos.

Once you’re done, you click the “Get Code” button and are given some HTML appropriate for a selection of websites. These include all the popular social networking sites, blogging websites and a variety of other sites. I got my code, posted it to my blog and was immediately greeted with my slideshow. So, put your feet up, fire up the popcorn machines and enjoy the show:

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