How can I get maps on my PDA?

I use a Windows mobile device and would really love to get maps and directions straight to my phone. Is there a service your recommend?

I had this question a couple of weeks back while speaking to a friend of mine about phones, GPS and other gadgets. Turns out that Google has a service called Google Mobile Maps that fits this question down to a T.

GoogleGoogle Mobile Maps consists of an application you install on your phone which gives you a wealth of functionality you can use. It lets you view maps, get directions, find places, show traffic information and even show your present location on a map. GPS tracking does depend on your having the right facilities on the phone, but more and more phone are now coming complete with GPS functionality and it’s only a matter of time before this becomes a standard feature.

The one thing to keep in mind is that this application is a data hog. It sucks down quite a bit of information down the line, so if you have a capped data plan or if you pay for your bandwidth it can be pretty expensive to use this program. However, if you have an unlimited data contract, this application is perfect, showing you directions, traffic congestion problems and even local businesses offering services you may need.

There are other products out there similar to this, but this one is free and does everything you could need on your mobile. Do you have any other suggestions?

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