How do I capture a website?

I’d like to print out an screenshot of a website, but it doesn’t fit in one screen. Is there any way I can do this without having to take a number of images and glue them all together?

Camille from Cupidopolis asked me this question when she wanted to print a screenshot from her website. Unfortunately this scrolled down for quite a few screenfulls, so taking individual screenshots and gluing them all together just wasn’t an option.

To solve the problem, I found a great Addon for Firefox called Page Saver that lets you capture complete images of web pages and do whatever you want with them. The plugin comes in two variants, a free one with basic functionality and a “Pro” one that has some extra features. The free one was adequate for what we needed so I proceeded to download it. Once activated, the plugin adds some options to your menus and a handy camera icon to your toolbar:

The toolbar icon is the simplest way to use the plugin. To test it out, I visited a website that sold dog supplies and clicked the button:

Screen shot from website

Mission accomplished, the entire page was now in a single image on my hard disk. Hope you find this useful too.

1 thought on “How do I capture a website?”

  1. Looks like a very well made plugin. I might give it a try.
    I’m however not convinced that it is a good idea to have pages that are more than 2 or 3 screen deep. People just do not take the time to read them. In the other case, they just print it.

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