How can I convert a .MOV file to .WMV?

I’m working on a school project where we’re making a video as part of a presentation. My friend created one in a .MOV file, but I want to convert it to .WMV so I can play it in Windows Media Player. How can I do this?

You’re right, Windows Media Player won’t play MOV files natively (which is a QuickTime format). You can get codecs for this if you really want, or use an alternative player like VLC; but if your target format needs to be .WMV the best thing you can do is to find a converter that will do it for you.

One such MOV converter is Blaze Media Pro, a package that lets you convert a varied of files from one format to another. Besides being a video and audio converter, it features a video encoder and decoder as well as tools to edit audio and video and even create and burn your own CDs and DVD. It’s really a complete package that lets you take care of all your media creation, conversion and authoring and it has lots of powerful features.

The full package costs $50, but if you want to give it a whirl, you can download a trial version that lets you try out it’s features to ensure it’s the right package for you.

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