Where is the Print button in Word 2007?

I’ve just upgraded to Office 2007 and I can’t seem to find the Print button in Word. I know it’s a basic question, but I’ve checked each and every menu and just can’t find how to print. Help please.

This is not an uncommon question for someone upgrading to Office 2007. Microsoft has decided to move away from the standard toolbar view and instead is using something called the “Ribbon” which switched functionality based on where you are. I’m sure it’s a step in the right direction, but people can be quite confused if they come across this without any warning.

The biggest problem I’ve found is that a lot of useful functions are hidden under a special button on the far right of the menu. This gives access to functions like Loading, Saving and Printing Documents. If you click on this you’ll have access to your Print menu as per this screenshot:

So there, you have it. It doesn’t matter if you’re printing off Christmas dinner recipes or patterns for cool baby clothes; now you know exactly where to go.

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  1. Far left I think you mean 🙂
    Another way to access it is of course the (almost) universal keyboard shortcut for printing – Ctrl + P

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