How can I find out when people stop following me on Twitter?

I’m a big fan of Twitter and love it when people start following me. Twitter sends me an email when this happens but I have no way of knowing when someone *stops* following me. How can I monitor this?

You probably have noticed by now that there are a plethora of services that have sprung up that make use of Twitter’s API to provide additional functionality. One of these is called Twitterless and one of the features it provides is a notification mechanism that lets you know when someone stops following you.

The website provides a bunch of other features too, including:

  • Dropped follower notifications via Twitter direct messaging
  • Graph and Timeline view of follower history
  • Google map of followers
  • Follower filtering by description
  • Ability to create searches for keywords in follower’s posts
  • Auto-Follow and Auto-Block bots
  • Ability to make profile private
  • Ability to post tweets from the Address bar of any browser with automatic url shrinkification

There’s some great stuff in there. For example, I can group people I know who are on a diet together then search for the term CLA (a diet drug) across their tweets. Or I can group all my geeky friends together an search for data center automation across them. I’m looking forward to seeing a graph of my followers for example, but my data is still being crunched at the moment.

Give it a try; I’m sure you’ll find it useful (if you’re a Tweethead that is).

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