How can I recover photos I accidentally erased from a memory card?

When trying to transfer around 250 photographs from my camera memory card to my computer I erased the entire folder of photographs. I planned to delete a single file but instead deleted the whole folder. Is there any chance I can get them back?

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It might be possible to recover the images if you haven’t used the memory card since your mishap you may still be able to recover your files. When a file is deleted from a hard drive, USB memory stick or camera card, the actual information is left in place, the the reference to it in the disk’s index is removed. So long as nothing is written over the top of the file, it can usually be recovered.

There’s an application you can try called Recuva (pronounced Recover) which might be able to help you out. Start up the application and point it at your memory card. You can try using the Wizard which can perform a Deep Scan on your memory card and try and recover your files.

The great thing is that Recuva will recover any type of files you have. Whether they are photos of a loved one, tv lifts or flowers, it’s always good to have a second chance when you destroy something you need!

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  1. Thanks for this! I had no idea that you could try to recover lost photos. Knowing this would have come in handy about 6 months ago 🙂

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