How do I get my icons back?

After changing some options to do with my desktop theme I have lost the My Computer and Control Panel icons from the Desktop. How can I get them back?

Getting them back is relatively easy. Left-click on the Start button and then right-click on the icon that is missing from the Desktop. Left-click on the option ‘Show on Desktop’ in the menu that appears.

This process can also be used to remove the icons from the desktop. When you left-click on the “Show on Desktop” option, if it’s showing on the desktop it will have a tick by it. If you click again, the icon will be removed (and the tick with it). Adding and removing icons to the top left part of the Start Menu is also similar. Right-click on a program icon and select ‘Pin to the Start Menu’ will add it to the list. Once it’s there, you’ll have a similar option called “Unpin from Start Menu’; this will remove it.

Just keep in mind that the icon can also be changed, so it might already be there even if it’s not obvious. I knew someone for example, who used an icon of some spring plungers instead of his Recycle Bin, so sometimes it’s not blindingly obvious what icon does what.

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