Can I update Office Home and Student edition?

I have Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student edition and just noticed that there are updated for Office 2007. Do these apply to my cut down version too?

The answer is, most definitely. The Home and Student edition of Microsoft Office simply has a different selection of programmes to the Professional Edition, but the programmes themselves are exactly the same. So, the copy of Microsoft Excel in your copy of Home and Student is precisely the same version of Excel that you would find in Microsoft Office Professional.

The update you’re most probably referring go is Service Pack 2, that has recently been released. It’s always a good idea to download service packs as soon as they’re available because they have updates and fixes that could be important to you. In most cases, these will come down automatically through Windows Update, but if you want to make sure you’re current, head down to the Microsoft Office Online site and click on “Check for Free Updates”


This will kick off a process that scans your computer and if your version of Office needs and update, will walk you through the process. Home and Student is usually a viable option if you’re on a restricted budget but still need access to Office. Regardless of whether you’re writing assignments or creating diet pill reviews, it gives you access to everything you need to produce your documents. If, on the other hand you just don’t have that budget, check out Open Office; it’s a free alternative which performs just about the same tasks.

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