Should I get a UPS for my PVR?

I’ve just upgraded my TV system to include a PVR that lets me pause live TV and record programmes. I’m worried that it might get damaged if I have a power cut. Should I get a UPS for it?

Modern devices are all full of complex circuitry and interruptions in power can cause havoc with these. A UPS is a great idea, not only for the hard disk in your PVR but also for all the other components that make up your system. Power can fluctuate and a UPS can help prevent any issues. There are different types of UPS out there, but the best ones to use are those that can also regulate their output voltage to help protect devices from fluctuations in the power supply.

I came across a device that’s designed specifically for audio-visual equipment. The Belkin PureAV Home Theatre Battery Backup is a special UPS styled to look like part of your hifi or TV system. It provides up to 40 minutes of battery backup power to give you time to shut down your devices properly and potentially finish any recordings you’re making. It’s on sale from this week for around $140 which is not too bad for some insurance for your expensive devices. And that price includes free shipping to the US. Check it out if you think you could benefit from something like this.

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  1. Not only your PVR – modern appliances such as refrigerators include integrated circuits – after having one of these blow due to a power surge – I keep a PC grade surge suppressor on it as well

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