How do I stop FourSquare from flooding my Twitter stream?

I’ve just joined FourSquare and I love how it updates my Twitter account with where I am. Some of my followers have complained that I generate too many updates; is there a way I can minimise them?

Most Tweeters on Foursquare are faced with this question. It’s easy to believe that all your followers are interested in your updates, but some really aren’t. And those who don’t tend to find Foursquare particularly annoying, especially as by default it tweets when you Check In, when you become a Mayor and when you Unlock a badge. You can tailor these though, to minimise the amount of updates you generate.

To do this, log into FourSquare and click on “Settings” in the top right corner. You get presented with your options and at the bottom of your screen you’ll see the following display:

You can untick some of the update events to minimise your updates. So, if you turn off your Check In events, your mates will never know that you’re exploring that rustic furniture outlet .. unless of course you accidentally become the major; but you can turn that event off also.

Keep in mind that you also have the option on your client. Instead of clicking “Quick Check-In” you can open the menu and choose a standard check in, you then get the option as to whether you update Twitter or Facebook with the update.

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