How can I automatically getting followers on Twitter?

I’ve noticed some people I follow on Twitter getting a steady increase in followers over some time, even though they’re not actually Tweeting. Is there some sort of tool that helps them do this?

The best way to get followers on Twitter is to post interesting Tweets and to engage with others who are using the platform. This tends to generate organic growth and gives you the benefit of gaining lots of value from the platform. Follow people who share similar interests and you’ll soon see your following grow.

There are other ways you can use and one interesting tool is called TweetAdder. It lets you automate certain tasks, like collecting accounts of people with similar interests or some particular topic you’d like to target. For example, if you’re in the business of selling finger pulse oximeter, you can collect account names of people who have tweeted about medicine or medical apparatus and use TweetAdder to automatically follow them. You can also use it to automatically tweet at certain intervals through the day; or to automatically follow people who follow you.

If you’re interested in growing your Twitter family – check out TweetAdder

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