How do I get Firefox to recognise PDF documents?

I have a problem on my new computer in that when I try to open a PDF document, Firefox complains and just refuses to work. What am I missing?

If this is a new computer, the chances are that you’re missing the software you need to recognise and read PDF files. It’s called Adobe reader and without it your computer won’t manage to make head or tail of the PDF files you’re trying to download.

To ensure the Firefox plug-in is installed, use Firefox to download the software. Start Firefox, and visit the Adobe website. Click on the Get Adobe Reader icon on the right-hand side of the page.

Deselect the option to install the free McAfee Security Scan and click on the yellow download button. Click on the ‘Click here to download’ link if the download does not start. Save and run the file that downloads.

Next time you open your browser you’ll be able to read any PDF file you want, whether it’s an IRS W-4 form or a list of the best fat burners around.

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