How do I stop my iPhone from dropping calls?

My new iPhone 4 keeps dropping calls every now and again, which can be pretty annoying. Is there anything I can do to try and avoid this happening?

Hi there. First of all, congratulations on your new phone. It’s a nice little device and there’s lots you can do with it. The signal strength on the phone is one of the things that has got a lot of media attention recently; especially as you can impact the strength by the way you hold your phone. There’s has been a recent update to the software on the phone to try and help with this, and this will come down to your phone automatically.

If you’re still having problem, one thing you can do is get a case for your phone. This protects the external antenna from external contact and may make your phone more reliable. It also serves to protect the phone from dumps and scratches, so it’s always a good idea. One such case is the iPhone 4 Air Case, currently on sale from for under $7 (including shipping). It’s only 1mm thick and weighs 0.2oz which allows it to protect your phone without getting in the way. It’s not ugly and complements your phone, so check it out!

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