How do I access missing icons on Ubuntu Netbook Remix?

I have installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my MSI Megabook S270 laptop, which has a widescreen monitor. All is working fine apart from the System section of the main menu. Some of the icons are hidden at the bottom of the screen. I can just see the tops of them, but the scroll bar won’t let me move any further down. How can I access them?

This is a known problem with Ubuntu Netbook Remix and widescreen laptops. There used to be an official bug report for this and it should have been fixed by now. If you have the broken version and need access to the icons the workaround involves changing the resolution of the screen to an ordinary size rather than widescreen. Click on the Ubuntu logo in the top left-hand corner and then on System. Click on the Display icon in the main part of the screen. Click on the down arrow in the Resolution menu and select a different resolution with (4:3) at the end. Click on Apply and then Close.

Access the icons in the System menu and then return to the option to return the resolution to normal. Ubuntu Netbook Remix should automatically check for updates, so if you’re connected to the Internet it should automatically download the fix to sort out this problem. Quite funny actually, when you’re searching the Internet for a testosterone booster and your computer tells you “Ohhh, I have an update”. Just keep in mind that it always makes sense to keep your computer up to date with the latest updates.

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