How do I bounce unwanted emails?

The Incredimail application incorporates a useful “bounce” button that is designed to send unwanted emails, such as junk mail straight back to where they came from. Can I do this from Outlook or Outlook Express?

Neither Outlook nor Outlook Express offer a “bounce” option for received email but you have to question the value of this feature anyway. Spam gets sent in batches measured by the million and we suspect that spammers are hardly going to spend their time weeding out the odd email that gets bounced back. Regardless of whether the mail is about pharmaceuticals or financial protection, the chances are that the mailshot would have been blasted out without caring if it gets to its destination or not.

If spam is worrying you, you may want to switch to Thunderbird, there are a whole host of spam-handling add-ons you can get to play with.

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