How can I listen to my iPod with my Bluetooth headphones?

I love my iPod, it goes everywhere I go, but the one thing I hate is the tangled headphone wires I have to keep sorting out. I have a Bluetooth headset, but I haven’t figured out how to activate Bluetooth on the iPod. Any ideas?

The reason you can’t activate Bluetooth on your iPod is that it just doesn’t have Bluetooth capability. I know that most devices nowadays have this sort of functionality build in, but iPod’s just don’t. Having said that, just because it doesn’t have it built in doesn’t mean you can’t add it on.

This is where the Motorola D650 Bluetooth adapter for Ipod comes in. It’s a small device that connects to your iPod via the bottom connector and gives it the capability to talk to Bluetooth devices just like your headphones.It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any batteries or a power connection. It just grabs its juice from your iPod so literally all you have to do is plug it in and you can listen to your music collection anywhere you like. It’s on sale from for under $18.00, so it’s not particularly expensive.

Once you have the Bluetooth connection you can connect to a variety of devices, your Bluetooth headset, even a Bluetooth connection in your car so you can listen to your songs while you drive. I think this just fits the bill for you!

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