How do I reset my Blackberry phone to factory default settings?

My 5-year old son has been playing with my Blackberry and has messed around with some of my settings. I’d like to set it back to how it was when I got it; is there like a factory reset or something similar on the Blackberry?

I can sympathise with you, five year old do like to fiddle with things; I know that my boy will try any button/setting he can find, just to see what it does. Not the first time I’ve come back to find my home page reset to something random, like Easter gifts from Personal Creations or this Bluetooth keyboard for iPad. Anyway, I digress, here’s the information you’re after.

To reset Blackberry Curve (probably other BB models as well), you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to Options > Security Options > General Settings.
  • Then click the Menu Key, it will show a list of options.
  • Select Wipe Handheld and follow the instructions.

This should take the phone back it’s default settings. Just keep in mind that you should back up anything valuable you may want to restore after the Wipe is done. Otherwise it’s lost forever!

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