How do I Install the ‘NoDo Update’ On my WP7 phone?

I’ve heard there’s an update for my Windows Phone 7 but it hasn’t reached me yet. Is there a way I can install it manually?

First of all, flashing updates on your phone is always a risk, so always make sure you know what you’re doing. I don’t have a Windows Phone, but found the procedure you’re talking about on a forum called xda-developers, one of my go-to sites for smartphone info.

First of all you need the two files in this ZIP: NoDo files

Next, here are the steps you need:

  1. To begin, make sure your WLAN and Flight Mode are disabled on your phone.
  2. Make sure Use cellular data connection to check for updates is active on your phone.
  3. Run the USAIP.pbk file you downloaded from the link above and connect to EUROIP PPTP Hungary using the demo as the Username and Password. (The connection remains active for 7 minutes after which it hangs up automatically.)
  4. Connect your phone to the PC and manually search for an update within Zune. Settings > Phone > Update.
  5. After a few seconds (10-15) of searching, disable the data transfer on your phone.
  6. Hopefully if you’re a few of the lucky ones, the update will show up. Just hit the update, and re-run USAIP.pbk and close the connection by hitting the Hangup tab, so that Zune can download the update package.

If you’re lucky that works, it seems like the procedure may or may not work on some phones. But there’s more chance it will work than trying to get onto one of the Microsoft conference calls about the service pack!

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