How can I stop Ubuntu from being the default operating system on my dual-boot machine?

I have a desktop PC on which I have installed both Windows XP and the Ubuntu operating system. Until recently Windows XP was set as the default operating system, starting automatically 10 seconds after the computer was switched on. Recently, though, I was invited to upgrade to Ubuntu 11, which I did, and now Ubuntu is set as the default operating system (again starting automatically after 10 seconds). I can select Windows XP but I want to reset the boot menu so that Windows XP is shown as the default operating system. How can I do this?

switching things around so that Windows becomes the default operating system should be pretty straightforward. First, click the Software Centre icon on the left and search for and install ‘StartUp-Manager’, typing in your password when prompted.

Now launch Startup-Manager (click the Ubuntu icon at the top left, type StartUp-Manager and click the icon when it appears). Finally, on the Boot options tab, open the dropdown menu below the ‘Default operating system’ heading, choose your Windows XP installation and click Close.

Next time the PC is started, Windows should start automatically. That wasn’t hard at all, certainly easier than finding a shop that sells high school class rings that’s open after 5:00pm!

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