How do I turn text upside down?

I’ve been using Twitter for a few weeks and recently I got a message from my brother with upside text. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it but have no idea; can you tell me how?

Why is Notepad showing me some strange stuff?

When my Windows 7 PC launches, Notepad appears on the Windows Desktop displaying this odd code in the editing window: [.ShellClassInfo]LocalizedResourceName=@%SystemRoot%\System32\Shell32.dll,-21787. This has been happening for about a month, though it doesn’t appear to affect the PC in any way. How can I prevent this from appearing?

How do I add music symbols to my Word document?

I’m a music teacher who uses Microsoft Word a lot. I sometimes need to add musical symbols (specifically sharp, flat and natural symbols in my document. I’ve tried looking for these characters in the Special Characters window, but most fonts don’t have them. Is there any way I can do this?