Should I list my site on a FFA link page?

I’ve come across a website that lets me list my blog on 3000 websites for free! Other websites charge for this. Is this for real?

The type of website you’re referring to are called Free-For-All websites. They consist of a series of links to other websites and allow webmasters to add their own websites to the list. Most of them are free, though some will charge you for the privilege.

This may seem like a good idea at first, until you look a bit deeper. First of all, all these websites will ask you for your email address and within minutes of adding your name to the list you will start receiving automated spam. I had made the mistake of adding myself to one of these websites many years ago, and I’m sure some of the spam I receive today is still coming from that list. These are sites are usually set up with the aim of farming email addresses just to add them on to spam lists.

So, you may think, I’ll just supply a phoney email address. Surely, having my site listed will help my Search Engine rankings and someone may just come across it. The problem here is the amount of entries these sites get. As they only list the last few websites that joined the list, your site will fall off the list rather quickly which means there’s a very slim chance that someone will click on your link or that a spider will come across it.

The bottom line is that there’s very little benefit for signing up with a FFA link page. Personally I avoid them like a plague!

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