How do I import blog posts into FaceBook?

I’ve noticed that some people on FaceBook have their blog posts appear as Notes on their page. How do I do this?

Importing your blog posts into FaceBook is really easy .. once you know how. Here’s how to do it:

facebookapps.JPGFirst of all you’ll need to log into FaceBook. Do this in the normal way, then have a look at the screen youare presented with. If you look on the left hand side of your screen you’ll see a menu list of different Applications you have associated with your account. This starts off as a simple list, but as you add more Applications the list will grow longer. Your application list can be quite long, but one of the options in the menu is called Notes and this is the one you’re after. Click on this to proceed to the next step.

facebooknotes.JPGYour Notes page will show you a number of different notes that your contacts might have added to their profile (or nothing if you don’t have many friends). This will include both Notes typed on FaceBook and also posts from their blogs if they are using this technique. Don’t worry about what’s on this page for now, just look on the right hand side of the page and you’ll see a section called Notes Settings. Look for a link that says Import a blog and click this to proceed to the next step. You will then be presented with the following form:


Enter the URL to your blog in the text box. It doesn’t need to be your RSS feed, as FaceBook will figure this out on it’s own. You’ll have to tick the disclaimer underneath the URL and then just click Start Importing.

You’re done! I told you it wasn’t hard!

31 thoughts on “How do I import blog posts into FaceBook?”

  1. Cool! Thanks to your posts on “Facebook less”and a cool cyber-friend, now I’ve integrated Twitter and my tumblelog (which in turns gets feeds from my other blogs!) into my Facebook. I think I’ve found a way to stay at Facebook without wasting hours! (that is, if I can refrain from clicking and clicking! :-P!!!!)

    PS: Facebook notifier on my Pageflakes has also helped me a lot!

  2. This has been a god send, I have been looking to do this for ages and now following your information I have finally got it to work.

  3. I just starting importing my own blog to Facebook using Notes. The problem is the line-spacing between paragraphs isn’t being retained. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    Note: I am using blogspot as my blog site and Safari as my browser.

  4. I’m able to download a blog to a Facebook page, but it’s only as a one time event. My Profile updates but my Page doesn’t. Currently, in order to update the Page, I need to deactivate the import, and then activate as new. But then all of my blog’s posts load again, onto my Page but also on my Profile, which causes a duplication, triplication, etc. of my blog info out to my friends. What a hassle!!! What a possible nuisance!!! So if my blog update can post to my Profile, why doesn’t it update on my Page? Help!

  5. OK, that’s neat, and it works fine. Thank you.
    But Facebook displays each blog post as an excerpt, and then links to the whole post within Facebook.
    But I’d like the link to go directly back to my blog for the whole post.
    Is that possible?

  6. Hi, everething went well for while. Then it (Facebook) started to have problems to recognize typo with accent. I am a french speaking person and we use a lot of accents. Have a look at:
    I did not find ny solution around. If you can help it will be greatly apprecited. For now I disconnecet the blog frome Facebook

  7. Now, once you have the RSS feed for import, how do you edit the RSS URL? Facebook interface sure doesn’t make it easy. On my Notes page, there’s no URL that allows me to edit the RSS feed URL. Any idea?

  8. I’ve noticed in mine, that it is ALWAYS one show behind! For instance, my friend and I did a new podcast #61 and Facebook JUST posted our last one we did (120 days ago) #60. Why isn’t it displaying our most recent one of #61?

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