How do I convert a document from PDF to Word?

I’ve converted a document from Word to PDF and lost the Word document. Is there any way I can convert it back from PDF to Word?

I got this question from someone who was writing an Anoretix review as part of an assignment and was desperate to get their document back in Microsoft Word format.

Well, there are a couple of options for this. There are some packages you can buy or download that will do the trick for you. Amongst others I found Able2Doc (which has a free trial) and HelloPDF (which is free). However, as this is a one-off occurrence, I would go for a web based solution which will do the job quickly and cleanly. The service I’m going to use is, which has a free service which will convert documents up to 2 pages long.

Converting the document is as easy as filling in the following form:

Fill in the form by browsing to the document, specify a few options and supply your email address. Click Convert, give it a few minuts and you’ll have your new Word document in your mailbox. Pretty nifty huh?

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