Where can I get promotional USB Drives from?

I went to a conference recently and everyone seemed to be giving out USB drives with their catalogue and which had a logo of the company on them. Where can I get these from?

My friend Mike was asking this question after he came back from a conference in the US with a huge pile of promotional merchandise (or swag as my American friends like calling it). He was looking to get something similar for his company to give to his existing customers and potential clients.

Well, there are a number of companies who can supply this sort of merchandise and most of them have pretty good prices because you tend to buy the items in bulk. One particular company that stood out while I was looking around was one called Empire Promos. I was pretty impressed by the immense selection of different products they can supply, not just USB drives. Here are some ideas from their website:

USB Memory pen
: a 1Gb USB pen that can be produced in any one of a range of colours with your company logo printed on it.

USB Compass Flash Drive

USB Compass Drive: 512Mb USB drive with a built-in compass and soft, rubberized trim. The compass adds extra utility and a theme for your promotional message.

Wristband USB Drive

Wrist band USB Drive: 512Mb USB Drive that locks around your wrist.

Now that’s a pretty wide selection of promotional products. They actually have pages and pages of stuff, ranging from gadgets, all the way to kitchen items. I’m sure you can find something unique and attention grabbing there.

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