Where can I get timesheet software for my company?

We have a number of consultants who travel all around the world and are looking for a package that can help them record their hours and facilitate our billing processes. Do you know any anything we can use?

I got this question from a visitor on the website who was looking for some software that his company could use to organise their time keeping and billing processes. There are a number of options you can find if you look around the Internet, catalogues or on the shelves of your local retailer, but the important thing is to have a look at the different features they offer and make sure that it can do what you are after.

I’ve picked some Timesheet Software by Atlantic Global to have a look at today. They’re a company that have a number of business packages covering areas like Risk Management, Information Tracking, Project Management and Timesheets and their timesheet package has a great set of features. Here are some of the things the package can handle:

  • Capture, approve and report on timesheet, costs and charges, quickly and simply
  • Streamline the expense capture, approval, claim, payment and reporting process
  • Optimise client and project billing
  • Centralise time reporting in real time
  • Highly configurable and robust with true organisational level security and scalability
  • Seamless MS Project Integration
  • Streamline business processes & reduce overheads
  • Collaborate all business activity costs
  • Increase employee utilisation & productivity
  • Excellent data quality & visibility
  • Real-Time cost realisation
  • Maximise chargeable revenue
  • Implement standard cross-charging mechanisms
  • Global visibility of all workforce data
  • Reduce administration & reimbursement time
  • Powerful reporting
  • Analyse project progress

If you like the sound of that, there’s a demo you can have a look at, to see if it fits your needs. Check it out

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