How can I send a large file across the Internet?

I have a 50Mb ZIP file full of photos I’d like to send to my cousin, but my email client keeps complaining that the file is too large. Is there another way I can send this file?

I came across this question in a photography forum recently and it seems to be a common question. As camera quality keeps improving and photos get larger and larger, you start hitting limits on conventional techniques for storing and transmitting photos It doesn’t matter if it’s a scan of your business qualifications or a photo of vintage sunglasses. In this case, email is really not the best mechanism for sending large files, especially as a number of mail servers actually implement a mail size quota to stop themselves from getting overwhelmed by large quantities of data.

YouSendIt - Send Large Files-Transfer Delivery ServiceLuckily there are a number of services on the Internet that can help you out in this case. I like using one called YouSendIt. YouSendIt is a file transmission service that starts with a free offering (which is perfect for this case), but also offers a number of options for larger companies and regular users of large files. Sending the file is as simple as filling in a small form and clicking the Send It button. Here’s an example of what the form can look like:

That was quite easy now wasn’t it. Now the form above starts giving you some idea into the premium services that the company offeres. Besides the free option (where you can send files up to 100Mb in size), they also have 3 tiers of premium services where you can send files up to 2Gb in size, password protect your files, have an area where people can send YOU files and a whole host of other options that can really streamline the way you send and receive large files.

5 thoughts on “How can I send a large file across the Internet?”

  1. Hi Owen,
    Thanks for showing this site YouSendIt. I really found it to be very useful for transferring files.
    Good to see your post…

  2. There’re definitely quite a number of image/filehosting services out there when you try and google for them. I personally also use YouSendIt…not really compared it with any other service since this was the first I got. I use RapidShare for hosting usermade videos along with Filefront/Vimeo(Stream) and YouTube(Stream)

  3. Another good site for this is you can upload the file for free which will generate a link that you can give to whoever you want to pass them on to.

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