How can I get a Gmail user’s Full Name?

I’ve received an email from Gmail but I don’t recognise the sender. Is there any way I can get his full name?

Ok, this is a made up question, but it’s designed to show you an interesting technique you can use to pull out the full name of someone when you only have their Gmail address. I read about this on the Securiteam blog, and I’ll be using their screenshots to illustrate as I walk through the process.

  • Go to Google Calendar and create a calendar or open en existing one.
  • Click on “Share this calendar
  • Enter the email address you’re investigating in the “Share with specific people” section
  • Click Add Person and Save

It might not be 100% kosher and Google may close this down in the future, but it’s no different to phone different furniture stores to find out if someone you know works there. Knowing how to look for the right information is something pretty useful.

5 thoughts on “How can I get a Gmail user’s Full Name?”

  1. Owen, thanks for the info! In case anyone wants to check my gmail address, I just changed it to Dana Dana. 🙂

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