How do I submit my site to search engines?

I’ve just finished building a new website. What’s the best way to tell search engines about it and make sure they index it?

I tend to get this question by most people who are embarking on building their first website. You know how it is, you sign up for web hosting, have a play with all the technologies you learnt on that web design course, put lots of effort into building a great website … and when you look for it in a search engine, well, it’s not there.

Now, search engines are pretty clever and can usually figure out when new sites are created, but for this to happen someone needs to link to your website. Most search engine spiders will follow links to discover sites they don’t know about and add them to their index. However, instead of just waiting for this to happen, you can speed things up by submitting your website directly to the search engine yourself.

Each search engine has a page you can use to submit your site, however there are websites you can use that can help you speed up the process. One such website is Submit Express, which has a tool that lets you submit your website to 40 different search engines. All you have to do is fill in the form, make sure you tick the boxes to make sure you don’t receive spam from then, and off you go.

The great thing about this tool is that it can be used for any type of website. It doesn’t matter if you have a website offering life insurance quotes or a website that lets you do live video casting, search engines are the best way to get free traffic to your website. Check it out.


  1. It’s really a helpful post for newbie’s.
    Let me give you one another excellent automated submission tool.
    Try this one… i really liked it.

  2. Hey Owen, I’ve used a lot of services in the past to submit sites – but you are right, search engines find sites on their own – those smart buggers. What would the advantage be of using Submit Express than spending a weekend or two working on getting 40-50 high quality links to your site? Would doing both show any benefit?

  3. It’s always a good idea to submit a new site to several directories. There are a bunch of free directories and you can even use a submission service.

  4. I think this is the great idea to submit our site in search engines. There are the best way to get free traffic to our website. Your post is informative and helpful to us.

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