How can I download a clip from YouTube?

I’ve come across a really funny clip on YouTube which I’d like to download to show to my uncle who doesn’t have Internet. How can I download it?

I got this question from my friend Iain who was trying to download some clips to show to a relative who didn’t have an Internet connection. It’s one thing that you tend to assume nowadays isn’t it; that everyone has an Internet connection. Well, some people still don’t, even though there ADSL coverage is increasing and with a satellite internet provider you can get an Internet connection anywhere you choose. However, some people just aren’t inclined towards it, choose not to get one or maybe just can’t justify the cost.

Anyway, back to the question at hand. How does one download one of the thousands of video clips you can get online. Well, I came across a free program while researching this question that lets you download video clips from the like of YouTube, Google Video, MySpaceTV and many others. Once it’s downloaded, it can be converted to one of a number of different formats including Ipod, Iphone, PSP, Cell Phone, Windows Media, XVid and MP3; or you can even just play the video within a Flash player. The pacakge is called YouTube Downloader and is extremely easy to use. Here’s how to do it:

Fire up the program and paste the URL of the video into the input box.

Choose the format you want to convert the video clip to and click OK

The package will proceed to download the video for you, which you can then share any which way you like.

One thing I had been doing some time back was actually hooking up a laptop to my TV so that I can watch videos I downloaded. This would have been a great place to store clips like this. Maybe I should get one of these tv deals to get a spare one for my study and just watch clips on that instead. It’s always better to have a bigger screen isn’t it. Just have to keep in mind that these online videos aren’t always high quality enough to be blown up that big.

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  1. well actually you don’t have to download software. you can just use any one of the growing number of scripts on the net that let you download from youtube. a really good one is which lets you pick what format (from a huge list), codec, bit rate etc… too bad you have to get premium to convert over 100MB. but with free (without any signup or anything) you get the following: 100MB, youtube, google video, metacafe and all these others and heaps of options. btw i’m not the owner of this site trying to advertise – just a satisfied user. for music use – that’s quick but media converter has heaps of options (and listen to youtube doesn’t).

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