Which cordless screwdriver would you recommend?

Which cordless screwdriver would you recommend?

I must admit, when I saw this question I thought it was a bit of a joke really. Most of the questions people ask me tend to be about online business, search engine optimisation or technical problems they have met. This one was a bit different. But I thought, well, there’s really no problem in my recommending something, as long as readers recognise that I’m not really an expert in the area, just a plain average user.

So Jim, here goes. I’ve used a number of cordless screwdrivers in the past, but based on prior experience, if I had to buy one today, I’d get myself a cordless drill that doubles up as a screwdriver. I would do this for 2 reasons. First of all, it means you don’t have to carry both a drill and a screwdriver around with you. Secondly, the power packs on these little babies are much more substantial than the ones you get on cordless screwdrivers. The last thing you want is your screwdriver to run out of steam halfway through building a wardrobe (which sort of happened to me yesterday).

I quite fancy the Black and Decker PS112K shown here. It’s not the most powerful cordless drill they do, but for use as a screwdriver and an occasional drill, this will do perfectly. It’s got this thing called “AutoSelect” technology (brochure here) that automatically sets the torque and speed for you depending on what you’re using the drill for. Pretty cool huh?

Maybe I should ask Santa for one of these ..

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  1. I recommend the Ridgid R81030 cordless screwdriver. It is reasonably price with a lot of juice and a little more power for the semi bigger jobs.

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