Is there an easy way to generate keywords for my website?

I’m trying to think of keywords I can use to promote my website, but I’m stumped. Can you suggest where I can find some?

Keywords can be a tricky thing. Some days, your mind is fresh and you can come up with loads of related keywords. Some days your brain just can’t process and for some reason, nothing useful pops in. When those days come upon you, it’s always good to have some tools to help you process

And that’s why I like HowRank Webmaster & SEO Tools. It’s a website with a rich collection of SEO tools and it’s one of the sites I visit when I have a problem with keywords. Here are where it can help:

  • Keyword Rocket Tool: This tool lets you specify a word and suggests a number of related keywords you could use. The tool actually takes the whole process one step further. It checks how many people are competiting for those keywords so that you know how hard it is to get a ranking for it.
  • Keyword Synonyms: This tool generates a comprehensive list of related keywords.
  • Keyword Typos: This tool generates a number of common typing errors for a specified keyword.

That’s quite an interesting collection of tools, don’t you think? So if you’re stuck for a keyword, check it out.

8 thoughts on “Is there an easy way to generate keywords for my website?”

  1. Choosing keywords for your site is really tricky. Because if you base your internet marketing strategy on wrong keywords … you will not see results.
    Usually we do a brainstorming for keywords, from site’s owner, our team, friends; as many people as possible.
    After that we use I use tools for other suggestions: Google keywords tools, Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery.
    I am most pleased with Keywords Discovery as it has databases for words in Romanian too, not only in English; so we can use it for Romanian sites; Wordtracker does not have this option.

  2. I was interested in checking out a new search engine, especially after the Cuil debacle, but I have to admit to being just as under-enthused about HowRank.

    I know it’s a new site but the results from searches are almost non-existent. Maybe in 6 months they might be worth looking at…

  3. Good tips, advertising and keywords especially are about the only things I don’t really have a clue about. Running my business is easy compared to this.

  4. If you built your website and don’t know what your keywords are then your website designer should be shot. Keywords are not just ways to draw traffic from search engines but the most important part of the whole process. Keyword go along way to define what you site is about. Don’t work backwards. Get the goal of your site first and the words that you use to explain that goal. The worst thing you can do is just come up with one. The content should come from the keywords not the other way around.

  5. I find using the google adword tool, and the Wordtracker tool works really well. Go into google and type google adwords tool. Then search in google Wordtracker free. Use both tools hand in hand. I hope you find success.

  6. Two tools that have not been mentioned so far are SpyFu and ConceptQ. Spyfu allows you to look at the other words your adwords competitors bought and ConceptQ allows you to datamine your own site or competitors for words and phrases appearing on that site.

    I then run all suggestions through Google’s keyword tool to get a measure of demand for each word. This shows where to spend your effort.

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