How can I make Vista hibernate again?

I ran the Disk Cleanup Wizard on my Windows Vista computer and chose the option to remove the files used by hibernation. Since doing this I have been unable to put my computer into hibernate mode. How can I get hibernation to work again?

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s too easy to make a change on your computer that may have more repercussions than you are conscious of at the time, even though there might be some tiny text on the screen that warns you. Computers tend to be a bit trickier than your Playstation 3, so you always need to make sure you’re 100% clear as to what you’re doing. So, how do we solve your problem?

It turns out it’s not terribly hard to fix. Here’s what you do:

  • Click on the Start menu
  • Type “cmd” in the search box
  • Right-click on “cmd.exe” that comes up in your search results box and select “Run as Administrator”
  • Click the “Continue” button that appears in the UAC (User Access Control) window
  • Type powercfg.exe -H ON
  • Type Exit to close your command window

And there you have it. Hibernation should now appear in the power options window.

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