Where are My Documents?

The My Documents folder has vanished from my Windows XP desktop, and I think I’ve lost all my files – what can I do to get them back?

My Documents as it appears in Windows XP.

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I got this question from a relative who thought she had lost her documents. She actually called me after trying to find a document containing some research about discount furniture shops in her area where she was collating sofa prices; and was quite distressed when she thought she had lost her documents.

Well, it’s likely that what’s happened is that you’ve moved or deleted the “My Documents” icon, but this doesn’t actually delete your documents. They should all be exactly where you left them, but you need to recreate the shortcut that gives you access to them. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the desktop and choose Properties
  2. Choose the Desktop tab
  3. Click Customise Desktop
  4. Tick the box for My Documents
  5. Click OK twice

You should now see your “My Documents” icon back where it used to be.

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