Can you suggest how I can learn new words?

I like learning new words, but picking a random one from a dictionary is so boring, can you suggest anything better?

This was really the topic of conversation (well one of them) over dinner with some friends; different ways in which you can learn new things and find out different facts. At that point someone mentioned Wordia which is a great little website which I had never seen before.

It’s an entirely different concept to when you’re using a search engine. For example, normally you might search for “hotel las vegas” if you’re after information about hotels in Las Vegas. Wordia on the other hand is more like a dictionary. If you type “hotel” for example; you’ll get a definition of what a hotel is, but also a placeholder that lets you upload a video describing the word. If you type in “animation” for example; you’ll get the following video:

The website seems to be quite new and most of the words I searched for didn’t seem to have videos, but it’s really up to the community to try and populate these now. I think it’s a great concept and with lots of potential for people to contribute and share with one another. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn about archaic English words or names for cool baby clothes, you’re bound to spend a couple of hours watching other people’s videos.

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