How can I find out who a phone number belongs to?

I keep getting phone calls from a number I don’t recognise and would prefer not getting it until I know who’s calling. Is there anywhere I can look it up and find out who it belongs to?

The service you’re looking for is called a Reverse Phone Lookup and there are a number of services that allow you to to this. One of these is, a website that lets you research phone numbers, find out who they belong to and even find background information about those people. The service covers the entire of the U.S. and even includes mobile number. Note that this website doesn’t have data for other countries (but the question I got the question from is based in the U.S.)

You’ll notice that the service isn’t free and that’s because there is access to a lot more information than you find on free service. Apparently this is because they have access to a superior service, which includes mobile numbers and unlisted numbers. Luckily they operate a policy whereby if they cannot supply you with information, there is no charge. This means you get charged for information, not for the attempts.

Sounds pretty comprehensive. Good luck!

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