Where can I find my IE favourites?

I use Internet Explorer to browse the internet on Vista. My hard disk crashed recently so I’m in the process of rebuilding my new OS. How can I retrieve all the IE favourites out of my crashed hard disk? They should be stored in a folder on my hard disk, right?

Yes, they are saved in a special folder in your User folder. Left-click on the Start button and then on Documents. Left-click on your login name in the address bar and then double-click on the Favourites folder to see all of your bookmarks.

If you have since installed a new disk, and are using the old disk as second hard disk (slave drive), then you should be able to copy them across by simply dragging and dropping them back into the Favourite folder on the new disk.

Even if your hard disk hasn’t blown up, it always makes sense to keep a backup of things you might find important, and Favourites are no exception. It might be something as trivial as a link to PandaPang or something more important like helpful information on mesothelioma, a backup is always essential.

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  1. I agree on the back-up statement. It’s all too easy to become complacent and the longer you go without problems the more you think you’ll be ok. Sometimes it takes an event (laptop theft in my case) to make you realise the importance of back ups. It’s worth buying a high-capacity USB drive for quick back ups.

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