Sounds I install ActiveX Controls on my computer?

I would like to use the BBC iPlayer but when i try to view programmes, the website tells me that I need to install Adobe Flash Player. When I follow the link for this, I am advised that I need to install Adobe Flash Player Installer. Microsoft warns against using websites that run ActiveX Controls. Is it safe to proceed with the full installation?

Adobe Flash Player

What you are seeing is a generic warning about ActiveX Controls, rather than a specific criticism of the Adobe Flash Player. These warnings are designed to make you stop and think about what you are installing and, if necessary, look for more information.

ActiveX Controls add additional features to Internet Explorer. They can be quite powerful in what they can access on the computer, which is why you should be careful which ones you install.

The Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control is safe to install and without it sites like BBC iPlyer and YouTube won’t work, as wouldn’t simple Flash effects like adding led light bulbs to the sides of your website. Just follow the instructions and let it install itself.

The one thing you’ll notice once you have this particular Control installed is that you will get a richer Web experience, so go ahead and give it a try.

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