How do I revert my Task Manager to normal?

When I press the Ctrl,Alt and Del keys together I can only see a summary of the running processes on the computer. I can’t access any of the other information, such as the tab for closing programs that have crashed or the performance graphs. How do I get them back?

I got this question from a friend of mine, who actually described it as “My Task Manager has taken some diet pills, how do I make it fat again?” Well, this view is designed to take up less space, but at the cost of not being able to change the tab you’re currently viewing. If you double-click the border area of the Task Manager, the rest of the information and tabs will appear.

In order to enable this reduced view again, just double-click on the border again. Task Manager remembers this setting when you enable it, so closing it and starting it again will not change the view.

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  1. I like the information as I was experiencing this situation at present..It has been looking good only if the task manager to be closed..Thanks for updating the post..

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