Where can I print my company mugs?

We’re looking to make some custom mugs for our company. Is there anywhere online we can get these done?

I got this question from an offline contact of mine who had just opened a new company. He’s finally realised you can get anything you like online, but whenever he can’t find what he wants he gives me a call to try and see if I can help him. Obviously I don’t have a problem helping, he DOES buy me the occasional coffee every now and again 😉

Anyway, he’s been going through the different things he needs to do to set up his company, he has new premises, new office furniture and is now looking to make some promotional mugs. He’s been quotes prices here in the Isle of Man that he feels are on the high side, so was looking for a supplier online. Well, there are a number of websites that can help you here, but one of the more popular ones is CafePress.

CafePress let you purchase mugs from one of their vast selection that have been created by them, or by other visitors to the website. But more importantly they also let you create your OWN mugs and order as many as you like. Here’s how it works:


First you need to select what mug you’re after. They do a pretty wide selection from normal mugs, all the way to steins with a number of varieties in between. Once you click on “Create It” you’re asked to upload an image. Make sure you use one that has a high enough definition to create a good print. A small logo may not be adequate, so make sure you go for a decent resolution image. Clicking Add and Review will show you the mug with your image on it. You can then move your image around the mug and when you’re happy with it buy as many as you like.

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