How do I create a reflection for my image?

I’ve seen a really cool reflection effect on a photo. Is that easy to make? How can I create it myself?

I got this question from a friend who was pointing out a photo he saw on his screen. The image had a reflection at the bottom and she wanted to know how it could be replicated. Well, there are some techniques you can use involving layering and different effects. But, there’s also a really simple tool you can use that can make the process easier than making tea.

So, let’s say we have this image we want to create a reflection of:


Now, head down to this It’s a website that lets you specify an image and will automatically generate a copy with a reflection. It’s a simple as that. Select your image, specify the amount of reflection you want (or use the default of 50%) and click Generate. Here’s what we get:


Pretty simple huh? And you don’t have to use it just for furniture, any image would do. Try it with a photo of your cat, yourself or your boss. Enjoy!

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