How do I turn thumbnails back on in Vista?

In an effort to speed up my computer, I opted for “Adjust for best performance” in the Performance Options window. I hadn’t realised that this would disable the thumbnails of images in Windows Explorer. As this is useful, is there any way of turning just this option back on without having to turn on all the other performance-hungry options?

Click on the Start button and then on Computer (My Computer in XP). Press the Alt key to make the old menus appear. Click on Tools and then on Folder options. Click in the box labelled “Always show icons, never thumbnails’ so that the tick disappears. Click on OK to save the changes and thumbnails will now be shown again.

As you can see, the change isn’t particular hard to put in place; it’s just a matter of knowing where to find the option. Imaging you could find a weight loss pill which is that effective .. you’ll have your fortune made and never have to worry about anything again.

Keep on dreaming huh?

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