How can I buy cheaper books?

I love browsing through books, but I know I can always buy them cheaper online. The problem there is that you can really browse as well as in a bookshop. Is there any way I can check prices online while in the store?

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You’re right, books tend to be cheaper online then in the stores, though you can always come across bargains that cannot be had online. The best of both worlds would be if you can browse through a store and check prices online immediately. Luckily there are a couple of programs out there that let you do this right off your phone. It’s only technology right?

One such system is BookScoutPRO which is available to any device that has an internet connection. It works via your phone’s web browser or even a WAP browser. Once you’re logged in you can specify the book’s ISBN number and the website will search across a selection of online book providers and tell you what prices you can get online. This helps you make an informed decision whether to buy the book sfrom that store or not.

It’s a great service and if your device has a barcode scanner you can just scan in the barcode and get the results you want straight away. What a great example of an application that gives you power at your fingertips.

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