How do I delete my passwords in Chrome?

I’m going to be lending my computer to a friend of mine and just noticed that my browser (Chrome) remembers all the passwords to my favourite sites. I’m not happy giving my PC to someone like this, is there any way I can remove them?

Modern browsers have a lot of useful features built into them and the ability to remember passwords for you is one of them. Unfortunately, as you can see from the question above, this can sometimes be a liability as well as an advantage. The good thing is that when people design software they try to cater for every possibly eventuality and this question can be easily answered.

Chrome has remembered every password you entered; from the password to your banking records, to the password to that diet supplements website, to the password for that arcade game website you play on all the time. It’s always a good idea to clear these passwords down if you’re passing your computer to someone else; and here’s how to do it. Click on the spanner in the top right corner on your browser and choose Options from the menu. Then click on “Minor Tweaks”. You’ll see a button in the center of the dialog box that will let you see what Saved Passwords you have. Click on this button;


You’ll then see all your passwords and have the option to “Remove All”. This will permanently delete your passwords off the system. Told you it was easy.

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