How can I make sure I never lose any of my photos?

My wife keeps taking tons of photos with her digital camera and she’s always paranoid that she might lose them. Can you recommend a good way to make sure we don’t ever lose anything because of a disk crash?

More and more people are switching to digital cameras and anyone who has used one knows exactly why. They are dead convenient and the quality nowadays is a just superb. The one downside they have is that they are so convenient they it’s easy to take snap after snap after snap. And as the resolution of cameras improve, the size of photos increases, and with that the amount of space they need. And the thing about photos is that they contain all your memories; so the last thing you want is to lose any of your photos. Here’s a way you can make sure you don’t lose any.

The D-Link Network Storage Enclosure is a storage appliance that you connect to your home network and let you store your photos. And here’s the great bit. You can configure it with two different hard disks that mirror each other, that way; if you ever lose a disk you can recover all your data from the second one. It’s a great technique that is used by individuals and organisations to make sure their data stays secure.

The enclosure is currently on sale from at just over $100; and you’ll need to buy a pair of disks to actually store your data. You have the option of buying any size disks you like as long as they are SATA disks; I would guess if you decided to mirror the disks they should be identical. The customer reviews at the end of the product are pretty good, so I have no problems recommending this product. I actually wouldn’t mind getting one for myself!

2 thoughts on “How can I make sure I never lose any of my photos?”

  1. Hey buddy I read your problem & I recommend you to make backups of the photos such as save them in another mediums such as pen drives,your computer or the best way is to upload them on your personal blog so that you can recover them at anytime,anywhere!

  2. Alternatively for a much cheaper version get yourself a couple of gmail addresses zip up your pictures into relevant categories and email them to your account. So long as the zip archives are <10 megabyte everything will be fine.

    Its a bit labour intensive to catch up on a big archive buy hey a lot cheaper than a RAID NAS.

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