Can you recommend a quick way to copy a video on VHS to my iPod?

I recently got an iPod and I would like to transfer my VHS video collection to my iPod so I can watch them any time? I’ve heard it’s quite a hassle to do it even if you have the right software. Is there any other method you can recommend?

An interesting question, and I actually had to do some research on this one (seeing I’ve never had to do this myself). I have come across a number of different methods you can use, but the one I like best consists of a hardware solution that you can use without even using a PC.

The Pinnacle Video Transfer Device is a special box you can plug your video player into and hook up your iPod at the other end. It’s a bit more generic than that actually, allowing you to plug any analogue device (video player, games console, even plain old TV aerial) and transfer some footage directly onto an iPod, Sony PSP or any other USB mass storage device. It sounds quite easy to use, and means you don’t have to mess around with any software, interim copies, codecs and all the other bits and bobs you need to play with normally.

The device is on sale from for under $50, so it’s a steal for something that can deal with your problem quickly and efficiently. It looks pretty easy to use and comes complete with all the A/V cables you need to make it work. If you go ahead and purchase it, let us know your experiences. I’m sure other readers would like to know how it got on.

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