How can I share my USB printer between my old PC and my Mac?

I’ve just bought a new USB printer and want to use it with both my CP and my Max. I had a parallel port switcher for my previous printer, is there something similar for USB?

You actually have a couple of options are your disposal. The ideal was would be to set up a home network so that your computers can share files, internet connection and, as per your question, your printer. But, to go back to your question, what you’re asking for was an alternative to your parallel port switcher that could be used for USB. The short answer is, yes, you can get one of these.

I had a quick look around on and came across the Kensington ShareCentral 1 which allows device sharing across USB ports. It’s pretty simple to use, just plug in in your device, plug in in your 2 computers and there’s a button on the device that lets you switch the device from one computer to another. When you switch, the computer will just detect that the device has been plugged in and automatically make it available. The device is currently on sale for under $15, so it’s not going to set you back that much either.

The networking option gives you more functionality, but if you’re just after sharing the printer, this might just do for you.

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